A Complete Pokedex (August 2022)

New Pokemon are added to Pokemon GO all the time. With the frequent additions of more Pokemon, regionals, time-limited encounters, and more, it can be difficult to know how many total Pokemon there are in the Pokedex, let alone complete it.

The number that represents a complete Pokedex is not necessarily achievable depending on a number of factors: When did you start playing? Where in the world do you live? Do you manage to finish Special Research stories?

Let’s take a look at how many Pokemon are available in Pokemon GO, which ones might represent gaps in different players’ Pokedexes, and everything else related to the gargantuan task of catching ’em all in Pokemon GO.


A Complete Pokedex, With Regionals, Legendaries, Mythicals, and Currently Unobtainable Pokemon

Anyone who has managed to obtain every regional (by traveling, trading, or any other means), every Mythical Pokemon, every Legendary, and all the Pokemon that are locked behind events, quests, seasons, or anything else, will have 759 Pokemon listed as “caught” in their Pokedex.

In the entire National Pokedex of the main series, starting with Bulbasaur in Generation I on to the end of Generation VIII, Enamorus, there are 905 Pokemon in total.

Here’s a breakdown of the Pokemon available by generation, as well as which Pokemon from those generations are not yet available:

Region/Generation Available Not Released
Kanto (Gen I) 151/151 None
Johto (Gen II) 100/100 None
Hoenn (Gen III) 134/135
Sinnoh (Gen IV) 104/107
  • #489 – Phione
  • #490 – Manaphy
  • #493 – Arceus
Unova (Gen V) 151/156
  • #570 – Zorua
  • #571 – Zoroark
  • #636 – Larvesta
  • #637 – Volcarona
  • #647 – Keldeo
Kalos (Gen VI) 59/72
  • #664 – Scatterbug
  • #665 – Spewpa
  • #666 – Vivillon
  • #672 – Skiddo
  • #673 – Gogoat
  • #679 – Honedge
  • #680 – Doublade
  • #681 – Aegislash
  • #701 – Hawlucha
  • #703 – Carbink
  • #718 – Zygarde
  • #719 – Diancie
  • #721 – Volcanion
Alola (Gen VII) 45/88* (43/86)
  • #739 – Crabrawler
  • #740 – Crabominable
  • #742 – Cutiefly
  • #743 – Ribombee
  • #746 – Wishiwashi
  • #747 – Mareanie
  • #748 – Toxapex
  • #749 – Mudbray
  • #750 – Mudsdale
  • #755 – Morelull
  • #756 – Shiinotic
  • #761 – Bounsweet
  • #762 – Steenee
  • #763 – Tsareena
  • #766 – Passimian
  • #769 – Sandygast
  • #770 – Palossand
  • #771 – Pyukumuku
  • #772 – Type: Null
  • #773 – Silvally
  • #774 – Minior
  • #775 – Komala
  • #776 – Turtonator
  • #777 – Togedemaru
  • #778 – Mimikyu
  • #779 – Bruxish
  • #780 – Drampa
  • #781 – Dhelmise
  • #789 – Cosmog
  • #790 – Cosmoem
  • #791 – Solgaleo
  • #792 – Lunala
  • #797 – Celesteela
  • #798 – Kartana
  • #799 – Guzzlord
  • #800 – Necrozma
  • #801 – Magearna
  • #802 – Marshadow
  • #803 – Poipole
  • #804 – Naganadel
  • #805 – Stakataka
  • #806 – Blacephalon
  • #807 – Zeraora
Galar/Hisui (Gen VIII) 15/96
  • Only 13 Pokemon from Galar are available: #819 – Skwovet, #820 – Greedunt, #831 – Wooloo, #832 – Dubwool, #862 – Obstagoon, #863 – Perrserker, #865 – Sirfetch’d, #866 – Mr. Rime, #867 – Runerigus, #870 – Falinks, #888 – Zacian, #889 – Zamazenta, and #893 – Zarude
  • Only 2 Pokemon from Hisui are available: #903 – Sneasler and #904 – Overqwil
Total 759/905

*This number includes Meltan and Melmetal. Without these two, as they’re in their own section in the game’s Pokedex, the total for Alola is 43 available out of 86 total.

Which Pokemon You Might Be Missing

If you’re looking at that total and your Pokedex has a lower number, you might be wondering which Pokemon you’re missing. There may be standard Pokemon that you might not have obtained yet, like difficult evolutions or rare spawns. However, there are some categories of Pokemon that are fairly difficult or even nearly impossible to obtain through normal means day to day.

Let’s take a look at some Pokemon that are commonly missing for most people.

How Many Regionals are there in Pokemon GO?

The most obvious explanation for gaps in the average player’s Pokedex is the region-lock mechanic. There is a whole host of Pokemon that will only spawn in certain parts of the world. These are called regional Pokemon and they can only be obtained in these ways:

  • Travel to the location and hope one spawns
  • Trade with another player
  • Participate in special events in which regionals spawn outside of their zones
  • Wait for the regional Pokemon to switch locations

Initially, there were only four regional Pokemon: Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, Tauros, and Kangaskhan. Over the years, though, many more have been added. For a full breakdown of them all, as well as where to find them, check out our list (complete with maps and everything!):

Pokemon GO: Every Regional Pokemon And Where To Catch Them

Depending on where you live in the world, how many you have access to will be different. For example, people in New York City should have access to both Bouffalant and Tauros, while people in Toronto can access Tauros but not Bouffalant.

In total, there are 35 regional Pokemon that can spawn in the wild, plus three evolutions (Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour), meaning there are 38 “true” regional Pokemon that may cause gaps in your Pokedex.

What we mean by “true” regionals are the Pokemon that are entirely exclusive to one region, regardless of their forms. There are some form differences that are exclusive to certain regions of the world, like Shellos and Gastrodon, or Furfrou’s trims. A Pokemon like Shellos is available worldwide, but is only available in its blue East Sea form in the Eastern Hemisphere and its pink West Sea form in the Western Hemisphere. These forms don’t count as separate Pokedex entries, therefore, Shellos is available to everyone, and won’t represent a typical gap in a Pokedex due to regionality like a “true” regional will, like Klefki or Comfey, who only spawn in France and Hawai’i, respectively.

“True” regional Pokemon include the following (these are rough summaries of where they can be found, check our list linked above for specific locations):

  • #083 – Farfetch’d (parts of East Asia)
  • #115 – Kangaskhan (Australia)
  • #122 – Mr. Mime (Europe)
  • #128 – Tauros (Canada and the U.S.A.)
  • #214 – Heracross (Central America, South America, Mexico)
  • #222 – Corsola (tropical coastlines)
  • #324 – Torkoal (West, Central, and South Asia)
  • #357 – Tropius (Africa and the Middle East)
  • #369 – Relicanth (Oceania, generally)
  • #417 – Pachirisu (Alaska, Canada, and parts of Russia)
  • #441 – Chatot (Southern Hemisphere)
  • #455 – Carnivine (Southeast U.S.A. and parts of the Bahamas)
  • #313 – Volbeat, #338 – Solrock, #335 – Zangoose, #539 – Sawk, and #631 – Heatmor (Asia-Pacific and Europe)
  • #314 – Illumise, #337 – Lunatone, #336 – Seviper, #538 – Throh, and #632 – Durant (Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East)
  • #511 – Pansage, #512 – Simisage, and #480 – Uxie (Asia-Pacific)
  • #513 – Pansear, #514 – Simisear, and #481 – Mesprit (Africa, Europe, and the Middle East)
  • #515 – Panpour, #516 – Simipour, and #482 – Azelf (The Americas and Greenland)
  • #556 – Maractus (Southern U.S.A., Central America, the Caribbean, and South America)
  • #561 – Sigilyph (Egypt, Greece, and Israel)
  • #626 – Bouffalant (Northeast U.S.A.)
  • #707 – Klefki (France)
  • #764 – Comfey (Hawai’i)

Exclusive Pokemon

There is also a handful of Pokemon that are only available at certain times, after completing a quest, or through other methods, some of which aren’t always available/accessible. This can include, but is not limited to, Raids, Eggs, events, Special Research rewards, Field Research rewards, and the GO Battle League. This section will break down the list of every Pokemon that might be missing from your Pokedex because there are special requirements to find them.

Note: these are the general requirements, as they can sometimes change. For example, Shinx is typically only encounterable in Raids, but it did get a Community Day. This table shows the general, typical requirements for finding these Pokemon in a vacuum without temporary factors, at the time of writing.

# Pokemon Encounter Requirements
265 Smeargle Take snapshots until it photobombs (once per day)
290 Nincada (and evolution, #291 – Ninjask) Field Research
291 Shedinja Special Research
327 Spinda Field Research (form changes each month)
359 Absol Raids, 12km Eggs
303 Mawile Raids
403 Shinx (plus evolutions, #404 – Luxio and #405 – Luxray)
599 Klink (plus evolutions, #600 – Klang and #601 – Klinklang)
532 Timburr (plus evolutions, #533 – Gurdurr and #534 – Conkeldurr)
621 Druddigon
677 Espurr (plus evolution, #678 – Meowstic) Raids, Eggs
744 Rockruff (plus evolution, #745 – Lycanroc)
420 Cherubi (evolution, #421 – Cherrim, spawns in the wild in its Sunshine form) Mossy Lure Module
442 Spiritomb Special Research
559 Scraggy (plus evolution, #560 – Scrafty) GO Battle League, 12km Eggs
619 Mienfoo (plus evolution, #620 – Mienshao) GO Battle League, Eggs
627 Rufflet (plus evolution, #628 – Braviary)
551 Sandile (plus evolutions, #552 – Krokorok and #553 – Krookodile) 12km Eggs
624 Pawniard (plus evolution, #625 – Bisharp)
629 Vullaby (plus evolution, #630 – Braviary)
674 Pancham (plus evolution, #675 – Pangoro)
757 Salandit (plus evolution, #758 – Salazzle)

Baby Pokemon are a special case, as they can only be hatched from Eggs, but many of their evolutions can be caught in the wild. The Pokemon in the table above are exclusive to their listed encounter methods, and must be evolved to obtain their evolution (with the exception of Cherubi). Here are all the Baby Pokemon in Pokemon GO, which can only be hatched, not caught:

# Baby Pokemon Evolution(s)
172 Pichu Pikachu and Raichu
173 Cleffa Clefairy and Clefable
174 Igglybuff Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff
175 Togepi Togetic and Togekiss
236 Tyrogue Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, or Hitmontop
238 Smoochum Jynx
239 Elekid Electabuzz and Electivire
240 Magby Magmar and Magmortar
298 Azurill Marill and Azumarill
360 Wynaut Wobbuffet
406 Budew Roselia and Roserade
433 Chingling Chimecho
438 Bonsly Sudowoodo
439 Mime Jr. (regional) Mr. Mime (regional)
440 Happiny Chansey and Blissey
446 Munchlax Snorlax
447 Riolu Lucario
458 Mantyke Mantine

Legendary Pokemon are almost always locked to Raid battles, while Mythical Pokemon are typically encountered through Special Research stories, though there are some exceptions to both of these rules.

The following Legendary Pokemon are available in the game, and can (usually) only be found in Raids. At high ranks in the GO Battle League, players can encounter the current Tier 5 Raid Boss as a reward.

# Pokemon # Pokemon # Pokemon # Pokemon
144 Articuno* 380 Latias 487 Giratina 717 Yveltal
145 Zapdos* 381 Latios 488 Cresselia 785 Tapu Koko
146 Moltres* 382 Kyogre 638 Cobalion 786 Tapu Lele
150 Mewtwo 383 Groudon 639 Terrakion 787 Tapu Bulu
243 Raikou 384 Rayquaza 640 Virizion 789 Tapu Fini
244 Entei 480 Uxie** 641 Tornadus 888 Zacian
245 Suicune 481 Mesprit** 642 Thundurus 889 Zamazenta
249 Lugia 482 Azelf** 643 Reshiram
250 Ho-oh 483 Dialga 644 Zekrom
377 Regirock 484 Palkia 645 Landorus
378 Regice 485 Heatran 646 Kyurem
379 Registeel 486 Regigigas 716 Xerneas

*The Legendary Birds can be caught in their Galarian forms by using a Daily Incense

**The Lake Guardians spawn in the wild as well, but are regional in both Raids and in the wild

Mythical Pokemon are either found in Raids or encountered as part of Special Research stories. If the player obtains the Special Research story, they have as long as they want to complete it. However, some are given out at certain times and not accessible if missed, though they’ll likely be rerun eventually.

# Pokemon Encounter Requirement
151 Mew Special Research
251 Celebi Special Research
385 Jirachi Special Research
386 Deoxys Raids
461 Darkrai Raids
492 Shaymin Special Research
494 Victini Special Research
648 Meloetta Special Research
649 Genesect Raids
720 Hoopa Special Research (not currently available)
893 Zarude Special Research (not currently available)
808 Meltan Special Research, Mystery Box*
809 Melmetal Evolve from Meltan

*The Mystery Box can be activated by transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee. It will then spawn Meltan for half an hour.

Finally, there are some Ultra Beasts released in Pokemon GO. They have, so far, only been obtainable during special events, but this is subject to change.

Only four have been released so far:

  • #793 – Nihilego
  • #795 – Pheromosa
  • #794 – Buzzwole
  • #796 – Xurkitree

Summary & Completion Tips

In total, your Pokedex will have 759 Pokemon caught if it’s as complete as possible at this time. This number does not include form differences, gender differences, shinies, or anything else like this. A Pokemon has only one Pokedex slot, and its other forms and differences do not list separately.

If your Pokedex is missing some of the Pokemon listed on this page as being more difficult to find, never fear — there are frequent events and other changes to the game to make these Pokemon more accessible. For example: Gible was once extremely tough to find, but then received a Community Day and several different spawn boosts during various events.

Some of the best ways to find Pokemon that are typically hard to find include the following:

  • Events: This is by far the best way to encounter hard-to-find Pokemon. Watch for the spawn pools during the often-weekly events in Pokemon GO to see who might be more readily available.
  • Adventure Sync: Walking at least 25km or 50km in a week will reward you with special Eggs that contain different Pokemon from the regular Egg pool.
  • Battle Team GO Rocket: Grunts can sometimes have Pokemon that you don’t often see in the wild, and defeating them allows you to catch one of their Pokemon (typically the first, but not always)
    • Additionally, defeating the Team GO Rocket Leaders, Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra, can reward you with Strange Eggs that contain exclusive Pokemon
  • Field Research tasks: Many Pokemon can be encountered by completing Field Research tasks, even including some exclusives like Spinda
    • Earning seven daily stamps for completing Field Research tasks will result in an encounter with the monthly Research Breakthrough Pokemon. These rotate every month and might be a Pokemon you don’t have yet.
  • Community Groups: There are a ton of local community groups around the world, from big cities to small towns. These groups can often be a great way to find other Trainers that can help with Raids, trade Pokemon from other regions, and more. These groups are typically found on Discord, Facebook, and WhatsApp, but they can be found many places.
    • If your community doesn’t have a Pokemon GO group, start your own! With almost 80 million monthly users worldwide, chances are, you’ll be able to find someone nearby who also plays!
  • Lures and Incense: Both of these items will attract Pokemon, typically from the local spawn pool. However, you may find someone new, and specialty Lures like Magnetic, Glacial, Rainy, and Mossy Lures can even spawn Pokemon you wouldn’t normally see!

Overall, watching the spawn changes for different events is far and away the best method for finding new Pokemon. Be sure to watch the in-game news, or check out our Pokemon GO directory for which events are on currently, what’s coming up, and a ton more information on completing the Pokedex and more.

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