Liz Truss plans more immigration in effort to fill vacancies and drive growth | Immigration and asylum

Liz Truss is preparing to increase immigration to fill job vacancies and boost economic growth in a move that will anger some of her ministers and MPs. The prime minister plans to raise the number of workers allowed to enter the UK, government sources have confirmed. Reports claim the government will lift the cap on … Read more

The legacy of shareware is everywhere

I had no idea how important shareware was, and arguably still is, to the gaming industry until today. To me, shareware represented the few games I managed to play for free throughout the ’90s. In particular, Duke Nukem 3D at lunchtime at Rupert Loman’s house. (Rupert is the founder of Eurogamer/Gamer Network.) And there, … Read more

Pokemon Go, Pokemon Masters EX and Pokemon Unite Has Made a Total of 4.7 Billion USD in Revenue since Launch

The Pokemon franchise is undoubtedly considered to be one of the highest earning video game franchise with its enormous amount of products that the franchise has, in terms of merchandise and the games, and while Pokemon is often more famously known for its mainline series of games, the mobile games such as Pokemon Go also … Read more

Kwasi Kwarteng mulls more beneficial tax cuts for high earners | Tax and spending

The government is considering a series of further tax cuts that could hand thousands of pounds to high earners, shortly after it announced the biggest giveaway in 50 years. Plans under consideration could include bringing back a tax-free allowance for workers paid more than £100,000 a year, and lifting the amount pensioners can save before … Read more