How to use Hold for me

Let Google Assistant wait on hold for you Hold for Me allows you to go about your day when you’re on hold. When you activate Hold for Me, you can put your phone down; it will notify you via sound, vibration, and a notification when someone is on the line. It’s a handy tool that … Read more

Nvidia’s Jensen Huang once again claims Moore’s Law is dead

Why it matters: Earlier this week, Nvidia pulled back the curtain on the much-anticipated RTX 40-series graphics card lineup. To no one’s surprise, the new additions to the RTX family bring consumers significant increases in capability, power draw, and, unfortunately, overall cost. According to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, the trend of chips and other components … Read more

New PS5, PS4 Games This Week (26th September to 2nd October) – Guide

Image: Push Square What new PS5 and PS4 games are releasing in physical retailers and as part of the PS Store update this week? An absolutely colossal week is headed by FIFA 23, although indie titles like Brewmaster and Let’s Build a Zoo will be worth paying attention to. For a full list of all … Read more

Low Performance after Windows 11 2022 Update? Here is the fix

On Friday we reported that many people have an issue with slow framerates after upgrading to Windows the 11 2022 update in combination with a GeForce Graphics card. NVIDIA just issued a fix. That fix does require GeForce Experience to be installed though.  Issue:  Some users may observer lower performance in games or applications … Read more

Millions of Android users warned over convincing fake apps that STEAL your passwords

ANDROID smartphone owners have been told to watch out for fake apps masquerading as banking reward schemes. The only person that really benefits is a secret hacker who uses it to steal sensitive information like passwords. 2 Users told not to download dodgy appCredit: Microsoft Microsoft actually uncovered the sinister scheme and raised the alarm. … Read more

Trombone Champ’s triumph is making failure fun in a rhythm game

Everyone’s talking about Trombone Champ. Not since Untitled Goose Game have I heard this much excited chat about a game from pals who don’t usually talk about games. This is because: 1) it’s a fun silly idea; 2) it’s very funny to miss a trombone note and squeal out a farty toot in the middle of Also Sprach Zarathustra. As I play Trombone Champ myself, I come to really appreciate that. It’s a rare rhythm game where playing badly doesn’t frustrate or berate me, because the worst-case scenario is making fart noises, and fart noises are funny.

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Fitbit users will be signing into Google in 2023 • The Register

As part of its takeover of Fitbit, Google will begin requiring customers to use Google accounts to manage their fitness-tracking devices, reigniting privacy concerns over the acquisition in 2019. As of now, owners of Fitbit devices maintain a separate online account that isn’t connected to Google, except where users have granted third-party app permissions to … Read more