How to Beat Arlo (September 2022)

To beat Team Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokémon GO, Trainers must counter his September 2022 lineup by using Fire-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokémon.

Arlo, the slick-haired Team Rocket GO Leader in Pokémon GO, is causing trouble again in September of 2022, stumping Trainers with his diversified lineup of pocket monsters. Nevertheless, it is up to the players to put this troublemaker in his place by crafting a Rocket Radar to pinpoint his location in the AR world. Of course, he will not always be the Team Rocket Leader whom Trainers will encounter. Still, once Pokémon GO players understand Arlo’s lineup and his roster’s common elemental weaknesses, the Team Rocket GO Leader can be beaten in no time.


First, it is essential to note that Arlo will always start a battle with Charmander in September 2022. Countering this Fire-type lizard is relatively easy, as almost every Trainer knows that Water, Rock, or Ground can counter Fire. Charizard is a potential second combatant in battle, but Arlo might have several tricks up his sleeve. Instead, he can send out a Pokémon that can mess up a Trainer’s rotation cooldown, resulting in failure of the battle in Pokémon GO.

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Thankfully, Pokémon GO community members, such as those in Dexerto, have provided Trainers with a definitive list of the pocket monsters Arlo will use during September 2022. Moreover, players can know the best counters for each of these opponents, courtesy of the research conducted by Pokebattler.

Arlo’s September 2022 Team In Pokémon GO

Wave Pokémon Type Elemental Weakness Top 5 Counters
1 Charmander Fire
  1. Rampardos
  2. Swampert
  3. Garchomp
  4. Excadrill
  5. Mamoswine
2 Salamence Dragon and Flying
  1. Galarian Darmanitan
  2. Weavile
  3. Glaceon
  4. Avalugg
  5. Aurorus
Mawile Steel and Fairy
  1. Darmanitan
  2. Flareon
  3. Chandelure
  4. Blaziken
  5. Excadrill
Charizard Fire and Flying
  1. Rampardos
  2. Rhyperior
  3. Tyranitar
  4. Gigalith
  5. Tyrantrum
3 Scizor Bug and Steel
  1. Darmanitan
  2. Chandelure
  3. Blaziken
  4. Emboar
  5. Charizard
Steelix Steel and Ground
  • Fighting
  • Ground
  • Fire
  • Water
  1. Lucario
  2. Darmanitan
  3. Conkeldurr
  4. Blaziken
  5. Emboar
Gardevoir Psychic and Fairy
  1. Metagross
  2. Chandelure
  3. Excadrill
  4. Roserade
  5. Overquil

By examining the table above, Trainers can conclude that Fire, Ground, and Rock are common elemental weaknesses in Arlo’s roster. Accordingly, a balanced team to counter this Team Rocket Leader’s lineup could be Darmanitan, Rampardos, and Mamoswine. Darmanitan provides Fire-type attacks, Rampardos supplies the Rock-type counter, and Mamoswine can offer both Ice- and Ground-type abilities. Of course, there are other optimal team comps as well, but the final choices will likely depend on the player’s available roster. If they do not have any of the three mentioned above, Pokémon GO Trainers can instead choose other monsters with Fire, Ground, and Rock Movesets to beat Arlo in September 2022.

Source: Dexerto | Pokebattler

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