Video: Masahiro Sakurai Breaks Down ‘Risk And Reward’ In Games

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Masahiro Sakurai has posted his latest video on the process of creating games, this time focusing on the concept of “risk and reward” and how this forms part of a game’s “core essence”. Needless to say, if you’re someone who’s interested in game development, it sounds like a pretty … Read more

Sony Forms PlayStation Studios Mobile Division to Create Games Based on New and Existing IP

Sony has announced a committed expansion into mobile gaming by establishing the PlayStation Studios Mobile Division and acquiring the untested Savage Game Studios to develop “a AAA mobile live service action game”. The new division will develop “innovative, on-the-go experiences based on new and existing PlayStation IP that meet PlayStation Studios’ high-quality standards” and will … Read more

Man United confirm £85m Antony deal, Scott Parker SACKED by Bournemouth, Cristiano Romero seals Tottenham move, Chelsea to sign Fofana, West Ham announce Paqueta

Keep up to date with all the latest football news, transfer views and rumours from the Premier League and beyond. Scott Parker has been sacked by Bournemouth after Saturday’s 9-0 humiliation at the hands of Liverpool, just four games into the season. Manchester United have agreed a deal to sign Antony from Ajax, meanwhile, with … Read more

Immortality review: a peeling apart of stories, power and film that can’t quite balance on a knife edge

Drumroll, please, for the latest interactive, live action, film archival puzzle from Sam Barlow, of Her Story and Telling Lies. This latest rumination on voyeurism also delves into storytelling, sex, death, religion, love, lust, lies, pretence (as distinct from acting), power and self. That’s a lot to pack into the partial, out of order clips of three different films, which manage to span both decades and careers. The central figure is Marissa Marcel, an almost-star actor who made three movies before disappearing. So the question you strive to answer, by looking through unedited takes and rehearsal footage, is: what happened to Marissa Marcel?

In typical Barlow fashion, the entirety of the footage isn’t easily spooled through. From one starting clip you’re able to watch it, flick back and forth through the recording, and pause it to use the in-game search tool to focus on a face or object on screen. Selecting it will then take you to that face or a similar object in a different clip, and eventually you build up a much fuller catalogue of footage.

Now. Immortality also talks quite a bit about sex, in various ways and for various reasons, and there is female nudity. So yes, you can enhance! Zoom! on a tit. And the game will take you to another clip featuring a similar tit. Ba-dum, tsh!

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Android 13 review: Plans for the future, but not much to offer today

Google The Android update treadmill continues with the release of Android 13. It’s one of the smallest Android releases in recent memory, with barely any user-facing features to point to. Keep in mind, though, that this update follows the monster Android 12 release from last year. This is also the second Android OS release this year, the … Read more