Pokemon Go: How to Turn On Adventure Sync

One of the reasons many players enjoy Pokemon Go is that they can actually do an exercise while playing the game. While you can check how much you have played the game and how long you have walked around in a session, with Adventure Sync, you can see the total of how much you’ve walked since playing the game. So here is how to turn on Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go to measure your total movement to keep a track of your progress.

How to Turn on Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go

With the Adventure Sync option turned on, you keep track of how much you are playing the game, but more importantly, how much distance you’ve walked around and exercised. To turn on the Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go, you must go to Main Menu > Setting > Adventure Sync > Approve.

When you try to turn on the Adventure Sync, the game will ask permission to access some features on the phone that must read and then decide if you want to give access or not. If you ended up turning on this feature, bear in that Adventure Sync will use more battery.

how to turn on adventure sync pokemon go

The other great thing about Adventure Sync is that you can actually add the widget of the game and keep track of your exercise progressions and your evolving creature without even opening the game.

If you are an iOS user, in the Home Screen, hold an empty area until the existing widgets and icons start to wiggle. Then tap on the + sign in the upper left corner. From there, type Pokemon Go and then select Add Widget and Done to add the game’s widget to the screen.


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For Android users, go to Home Screen and hold an empty area. Then tap on Widgets and type Pokemon Go and place the widget where you want.

Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

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