She Hulk needs her own Ace Attorney game

She Hulk is the only part of the MCU I’m currently remotely invested in at the moment. Aside from WandaVision, it’s one of the few things Marvel Studios has produced that actually reflects how broad superhero comics can be. They are so much more than banter and big monster fights, but that’s largely all we get from the MCU. While She Hulk does dabble in these things, it’s more Ally McBeal than Avengers, and the result is immensely entertaining. Developers thinking of pitching a superhero game should take note. 

As much as I had a hoot web-slinging my way through New-York in Spider-Man and Miles Morales, there’s not much to get excited about when it comes to superhero games these days. Crystal Dynamic’s take on the Avengers ended up being a disappointing live service affair, and there have been few other notable releases. There are plenty of very simple mobile games filled to the brim with microtransactions, I guess, and the Lego Marvel and DC games continue to be a laugh, though they have settled into a very familiar groove.  

(Image credit: Marvel)

Even if we were inundated with them, however, I’m not convinced I’d be that interested. Let’s face it: they’d almost all be open-world action games. Like Marvel Studios, game devs and publishers also seem to have a myopic vision of what superheroes are all about. And it’s mostly punching stuff. That’s why She Hulk is a gift. In the comics, She Hulk does her fair share of superheroics, but the best stuff is always just her being a giant green lawyer. Thankfully, that’s also what the show focuses on. 

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