Royal Navy explodes warship as it fires new missiles for first time in massive joint exercise with US

Royal Navy helicopters have fired new missiles for the first time as UK and US forces target a warship in the biggest such exercise for two decades. HMS Westminster, a Wildcat helicopter and three RAF Typhoon jets put on a formidable display of firepower alongside US allies, exploding a specially prepared ex-US Navy warship in … Read more

How a Sergeant Major and a metronome app have ensured the military stay in step today

Sir Ben explained the complexities of the drill, as marching has subtle differences across the three forces. “In the navy, our drill orders are given on the right foot, whereas in the others they are given on the left foot,” he said. “As a sailor I had to get used to that but we all … Read more

HMS Prince of Wales warship grinds to a halt over ‘failure to grease propeller shaft’

The Royal Navy’s new £3 billion aircraft carrier may have ground to a halt over a failure to grease the propeller shaft, naval sources have said. HMS Prince of Wales’s “landmark mission” to the United States is hanging in the balance and may have to be cancelled. Specialist Royal Navy divers have been inspecting the … Read more

HMS Prince of Wales ‘faces long spell in dry dock’ after breaking down

HMS Prince of Wales, the Royal Navy’s £3 billion aircraft carrier, could be set for a lengthy inspection in a dry dock as its “landmark mission” hangs in the balance because of a mechanical fault, The Telegraph has learned. The warship remained anchored off the south-east coast of the Isle Wight on Monday, where it … Read more

HMS Prince of Wales breaks down shortly after leaving Portsmouth

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales broke down shortly after sailing from Portsmouth for a four-month deployment to the United States. The £3 billion aircraft carrier remained anchored near the Isle of Wight on Sunday after it encountered an “emerging mechanical issue”. The 900ft Nato flagship makes up part of the UK’s … Read more