The days of the bald head could be numbered

In recent years, daily pills that inhibit DHT (dihydrotestosterone, the male sex hormone which causes hair follicles to shrink and eventually fall out), such as finasteride, have gained in popularity despite concerns over potential side-effects, which include impotence. Generally sold as Propecia, finasteride comes with Stevenson’s approval – “I’ve been taking it for 20 years … Read more

How far-Right Sweden Democrats are bringing Trump’s America to a small country town

It overtook Sweden’s former farmers’ party, Centre, as the most popular party among agricultural workers, it rivals the Moderates as the most popular party among business owners and is challenging the Social Democrats as the most popular party for blue-collar workers. It was as popular among young first-time voters as it was among pensioners. As … Read more

Why the fundamentals of war haven’t changed

The reality, of course, is that ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons do not exist – they are all strategic weapons – and, as such, come under the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction which ably governed the nuclear relationship between the superpowers during the Cold War. Putin won’t use a nuclear weapon, because he can’t be sure that … Read more

Michael Vaughan declares ‘it stinks’ as Lord’s crowd turns on India women over Mankad controversy

But the view was not universally shared, with Indian spinner Ravi Ashwin calling for Sharma to receive a bravery award for going through with the Mankad despite knowing they would face a huge backlash. He tweeted: “How about awarding that wicket to the bowler for ‘presence of mind’ under immense pressure and of course knowing … Read more

I was axed by the BBC for being a 65-year-old white male

Mark Lawrenson, the long-serving former Football Focus pundit, has suggested that he was culled by the BBC because he is “65 and a white male”. The former Liverpool defender’s retirement was announced at the end of last season after 30 years with the corporation, but in an interview he explained how he did not leave … Read more

Islamist preacher accused of ‘stirring up hatred’ in Leicester

While there, he targeted Jewish passers-by, asking them for their views on Israel and giving speeches about “the killing of children” while standing in front of a billboard with the words: “Did we not learn from the Holocaust?” Allegations of anti-Semitism by Mr Hijab were reported to the Metropolitan Police by the Community Security Trust, … Read more

Armed Forces to grow thanks to £52bn spending boost

Mr Wallace continued: “Without the change, we were heading to below 2 per cent. But on current forecast, that’s roughly a defence budget of £100 billion in 2029-30. We’re currently on £48 billion. So that’s the difference. In eight years, that’s a huge amount. “What we have to work through is how we get there. … Read more

Scottish fund managers and US bankers to flock to London as Kwarteng fires up the City

Meanwhile the tax disparity has sparked consternation in Scotland about the effect on Edinburgh, the major financial centre north of the border. Benny Higgins, a Scottish banker and former business adviser to Nicola Sturgeon, said: “A 1p gap may be seen by me and my peers as tolerable and understandable, but a 6p gap would … Read more

Britain faces future with ‘white, privileged male’ as head of state, says Labour pressure group

Britain faces a “future with a white privileged male” as head of state for the next century, a Labour pressure group said on Saturday night. Labour for a Republic proceeded with a fringe event on the eve of the annual party conference in Liverpool, defying calls for them to cancel it after the death of … Read more

Liz Truss plans to cut taxes further in the new year

Those familiar with discussions say the Treasury believes lifting the lifetime allowance on pension pots could encourage doctors, police officers and highly paid nurses to remain in work. Under the current system, savers are forced into paying 55 per cent tax on pension pots valued at more than £1 million, prompting many to retire instead in … Read more