Royal Navy explodes warship as it fires new missiles for first time in massive joint exercise with US

Royal Navy helicopters have fired new missiles for the first time as UK and US forces target a warship in the biggest such exercise for two decades. HMS Westminster, a Wildcat helicopter and three RAF Typhoon jets put on a formidable display of firepower alongside US allies, exploding a specially prepared ex-US Navy warship in … Read more

Biden sends secret nuclear strike warning to Putin

The existence of the US warnings over nuclear weapons emerged as voting began in referendums on whether Russian-held regions of Ukraine should become part of Russia. Ukrainian and Western officials have condemned the votes as an illegitimate attempt by Moscow to annex areas its forces have occupied during nearly seven months of war. The sham … Read more

August 2022 NPD: PS5 Finally Outsells Switch Following Stock Improvements

Image: Push Square If it wasn’t for the well-documented PS5 stock situation, it’s fair to assume that Sony’s current-gen console would be absolutely flying right now. But as it stands, the stock-strangled system is only just starting to dominate the gaming market, close to two years after its initial launch. Stock improvements in the US … Read more

Teenager who killed alleged rapist ordered to pay restitution to his family

A teenager in Iowa who stabbed her alleged rapist to death has been ordered to pay his family $150,000 in restitution.  Pieper Lewis said she was raped repeatedly by Zachary Brooks, 37, when she was just 15.  On one occasion in June 2020, she grabbed a knife from a bedside table in his flat in … Read more

King Charles III ‘disconnected’ from British public reliant on food banks, New York Times claims

The New York Times has published a news story critical of King Charles III, calling the monarch “disconnected” for enjoying tax privileges while the British public is “reliant on food banks”. The American newspaper wrote that as Prince of Wales, Charles spent “half a century turning his royal estate into a billion-dollar portfolio and one … Read more

The forgotten ghost towns of America’s Wild West – and how to see them in real life

The American Western tradition was one of the first movie genres and remains among the most legendary – instantly recognisable for its wild, desert landscapes, windswept skies, horses and leather-clad leads. Next year marks the 120-year anniversary of the first-ever Western feature film, The Great Train Robbery, which is just 11 minutes long, set an … Read more

Why Aretha Franklin was tracked by the FBI

One document from 1976 document linked Franklin to the Coordinating Council for the Liberation of Dominica (CCLD), which a source described as “a black extremist group bent on disturbing the tranquillity of the Island of Dominica” that “may have established a base of operation in the New York City area”. Although the source identified Franklin … Read more

Journalist stabbed to death after bombshell exposé of US Democratic official

Both Ms Lee-Kennett and Mr Telles, both of whom are married, have repeatedly denied having any kind of improper relationship. The pair said they are friends and that the meetings in the backseat of a car were to discuss problems in the office. The Clark County Public Administrator’s office oversees the estates of people who … Read more

Respect Northern Ireland Protocol to keep EU on side, Ursula von der Leyen tells Liz Truss

But Michelle O’Neill, who led Sinn Fein to victory in the elections, said Ms Truss “should stop facilitating the DUP’s destructive and self-serving boycott of government… end her sabre-rattling and reckless threats to break international law, and get back to the table for talks with the EU”.  The Government could bring forward primary legislation to … Read more

Donald Trump warns of ‘backlash’ to FBI raid in fiery rally speech

Just two days earlier, Mr Biden stood in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the declaration of independence was signed in 1776, and said: “Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.  “They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live … Read more