Worcester player reveals he was made homeless after going unpaid

The Rugby Players’ Association, in a statement reacting to the videos, said: “The RPA has seen the powerful show of togetherness from the Worcester players and staff on social media this morning. They have our total support and we will continue to work with full commitment on their behalf until the situation is resolved.”

The Worcester squad hand delivered breach-of-contract letters after their salaries remained unpaid on Thursday but the payment of their salaries will ensure they remain tied to the club despite considerable ill-feeling towards the current ownership. 

In an email sent to the squad seen by Telegraph Sport, Goldring and Whittingham claim the “IT issues” that prevented the payment of salaries have now been resolved and stated that talks with one potential buyer group are “progressing well”. 

“This situation must be stressful for you all, we sorry we are in this boat and we’ve done everything we can do avoid it, all we can do now is deal with what’s in front of us,” the email read. “Regarding the payroll situation, the bank have finally confirmed the issue has been resolved and we can process the rest of the player and staff salary payments, some having already gone through. 

“There are over 150 payments and each one takes around 10 minutes, the bank are having to constantly watch and approve each one to prevent the blocking IT issue that keeps recurring. Those payments have already started going through but we can’t guarantee every payment will clear in your account tonight, but they are finally going out our side.”

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